Entrees served with bread and 3 salads or sides

Short Rib                             $13.95/person

Brisket                                 $12.95/person

Pesto Pork Tenderloin      $11.95/person

Pesto Chicken                    $11.95/person

Pork Tenderloin                $11.95/person

Bourbon Bacon Chicken  $10.95/person

Chicken Mornay               $10.95/person

Chicken Marsala               $10.95/person

Chicken Alfredo                $10.95/person

Roast Beef/Gravy              $9.95/person

Baked Ziti                           $8.95/person


Price listed is for 50+ people

Add $1.50/person to higher-priced item for 2 meats

Delivery and set-up fees may apply

All smoked meats served with dinner rolls